Japanese placement test request

(For freshmen only - include Japanese if you plan to add this major later)
Have you traveled to or lived in another country?
Have you studied a foreign language other than Japanese?
Have you ever lived in Japan?
Did you ever attend school in Japan?
Did you take the AP Japanese exam?
What score did you get on the AP exam?
Does anyone in your family speak fluent Japanese?
Was Japanese used at home on a regular basis?
How well do you understand Japanese?
How well do you speak Japanese?
Do you know how to type in Japanese?
Do you know how to use genkouyoushi?
Please list all of your previous Japanese language courses. In chronological order please include: Dates attended (i.e. 8/11 - 5/11), name and location of institution, name of course (i.e. JPN 101 Introduction to Japanese), grade received, # of credits earned. If you have studied Japanese on your own, please include information about self-study as well. 
The class you are in now
Name of instructor